The art on the album symbolized all of the elements we naturally take on within the group. Bare with us, it’ll get a little deep: Pxvce being soil, beat maker, the foundation,ultimately where the music starts. In addition to the music, he’s probably the calmest out of us all lol. The soil that keeps us grounded and patient at all times. It’s like he’s always been here, and somehow you know he always will be. He’s deeply rooted in his culture, the one that created him, and the one he’s creating. The soil is what activates the area. And that’s exactly what Pxvce does in any setting you place him in. Aziza Love being the water, melodically flowing through all of our tracks, literally filling them. She’s also the healer, the one that reminds us to take care of ourselves. Her consistent care keeps us going on and off the stage. Just earth & light would obviously be nothing but fire, and Z helps remind us when and where is a time to fight, rest, and simply be. Water is what grows the living. And we grow everyday with Z by our side. Siri Imani, we call light. Obviously the talker, or “heavy expressionist.” Lol basically here to shine the light. Whether it’s on injustice, personal experience, or anything that needs attention from the people… we have unlimited energy for it and tend to be the hot head of the group, putting passion into words that can translate through our music & poetry. Sunlight is here to lend it’s energy to the living, so the living can then grow itself… This been my goal for as long as I can remember. With that being said, you can see clearly why the artist chose to use this image as a representation of who we are. She even displays the trinity, and a ripped photoshop edit speaking to the constant changing, and recreating of TRIIIBE. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do, and PLEASE be on the lookout for “III AM WHAT III AM” releasing on 10/10!!


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